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Samsung UP1500

The UP1500 is a motherboard built by Samsung and released in 2001.


UP1500 Functional Block Diagram
  • 800 MHz EV68AL with 2/4/8MB external L2 cache[1] (8.5 GB/s[2])
  • AMD-761 Chipset, ALi M1535D+ south bridge
  • 4x 184-pin DIMMs, supports 128MB to 4GB of ECC Registered PC2100 RAM (2.13 GB/s[3])
  • 1x AGP 4x (See limitations below)
  • 3x 33 MHz 32-bit PCI slots
  • DECchip 21143 Ethernet
  • ALi M5451 Sound

A list of compatible hardware (SCSI controllers, graphics cards, RAM, etc.) can be found on the UP1500 Compatibility page.


  • The AGP slot accepts only 3.3V signalling cards, effectively limiting the selection of video cards to those supporting AGP 2x[4]
  • Not all AGP cards that fit the slot actually work, see AGP Video Card Compatibility.
  • The IDE controller does not support 48-bit LBA, so hard drive sizes are limited to 128 GiB (137GB)
  • IO space needed for PCI counts against the amount of memory usable by the AMD-761[5]
  • Alpha AGP Conflict

Hardware Hacking

The northbridge fan on the UP1500 is mostly decoration. Even at an ambient temperature of 30°C and full system load, the board can be run without it. As it is a rather small fan with a high rpm, doing so lowers the noise created by the board considerably. Naturally, if such a "fanectomy" is performed, a keen eye should be kept on the temperatures, specifically of the northbridge.

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