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Source Date Title
NY Times 1993-03-16 Digital finds partner in Mitsubishi
NY Times 1993-05-19 Fastest PC Is Poised to Enter a Market in Flux
Electronic News 1993-10-18 DEC readies 225/275MHz Alphas
NY Times 1993-10-21 TV Venture For Digital
NY Times 1993-11-09 A new line of Personal Computers from Digital


Source Date Title
Electronic News 1994-04-04 100MHz PowerPC seen by 4Q; Mitsubishi to ramp Alpha in '95
NY Times 1994-04-16 Deepening of Losses at Digital Equipment
NY Times 1994-06-07 Digital Equipment cuts price of Alpha AXP Chip
NY Times 1994-07-27 Digital's Loss Is Linked To a Revamping Charge
NY Times 1994-09-08 Digital Introduces High-Performance Chip
NY Times 1994-10-17 Despite Rivals' Chip Speed, Intel Still Leads PC Market
Electronic News 1994-11-21 Alpha partners roll 233MHz 21066A


Source Date
Business Wire 1995-05-10 Superpowered Alpha Workstation from BTG Inc. aimed at power PC users 1995-06 Designing Alpha-Based Systems


Source Date Title
NY Times 1996-06-19 Samsung Licensed to Market Digital's Alpha Microprocessors
CNET 1996-09-04 DEC: more power, less money
CNET 1996-09-12 Alpha eyes lower-end PC market
CNET 1996-09-23 DEC, HP do double duty
CNET 1996-10-23 Digital debuts fastest Alpha processor
CNET 1996-12-02 500-MHz Carrera is Porsche of chips


Source Date Title
CNET 1997-03-05 Digital has 600-MHz workstation
CNET 1997-03-14 MS stands by Alpha chip
CNET 1997-03-17 New Alpha chip hits 533 MHz
CNET 1997-03-31 600-MHz Alpha chip shipped
CNET 1997-04-02 Digital announces reorg
CNET 1997-04-14 Digital makes servers available 1997-05 Alpha Arrives at the Desktop
NY Times 1997-05-14 Suit by Digital Says Intel Stole Pentium Design
CNET 1997-10-06 Intel late to 64-bit computing
CNET 1997-10-14 AMD hints at partnership with Digital
CNET 1997-10-21 Intel, Digital settlement could mean 64-bit convergence
CNET 1997-10-27 Digital has new Alpha, Intel servers
CNET 1997-10-27 Intel, Digital settle suit
CNET 1997-10-27 Settlement good for Digital, bad for Alpha
LA Times 1997-10-28 Intel to Buy Chip-Making Operations From Digital
CNET 1997-10-30 Samsung unveils 700-MHz chip
Business Wire 1997-11-10 Samsung Introduces High Performance ATX Motherboards for the Alpha 21164 Microprocessor
Electronic News 1997-11-17 Samsung demonstrates support for Alpha MPU
IT Business 1997-11-24 Samsung gets jump on Intel with latest chip
CNET 1997-12-08 DEC aims at media content market


Source Date Title
Computergram International 1998-01-29 Dec Set To Lose Mitsubishi As Alpha Source
CNET 1998-02-02 Digital's Alpha to remain fastest chip?
CNET 1998-03-09 FTC expands Compaq-Digital query
CNET 1998-04-06 Samsung eyes 1,000-MHz chips
CNET 1998-04-23 FTC approves Digital-Intel deal
CNET 1998-06-16 Samsung announces Alpha subsidiary
CNET 1998-07-23 Alpha chip may reach 1 GHz in '99
The Register 1998-08-20 Compaq kicks Intel's Merced butt while it's down
CNET 1998-10-12 Compaq headed for high end
CNET 1998-10-16 Rambus shines in Intel-Micron deal
CNET 1998-10-19 Compaq rolls out Alpha server
CNET 1998-11-03 Off-the-shelf supercomputing
CNET 1998-11-15 Compaq backs Alpha future
CNET 1998-11-30 Samsung starts up 600-MHz Alpha
The Register 1998-11-30 Samsung ramps up third-gen. Alpha production


Source Date Title
The Register 1999-01-08 Compaq boots 64-bit NT on AlphaServer
The Register 1999-01-11 Compaq-AMD Alpha plans take Linux shape
The Register 1999-01-16 Samsung-Linux plans emerge as Alpha takes shape
The Register 1999-01-17 Compaq puts tentative toe into Alpha water - ouch it's Intel
CNET 1999-01-27 Computing heavyweights warm to Linux
The Register 1999-01-28 Intel's Merced undercut by Compaq's Alpha
The Register 1999-01-29 Dell using Alpha chip in servers
The Register 1999-01-31 Alpha pricing could cut Intel's throat
CNET 1999-02-01 Compaq debuts new Alpha workstations
The Register 1999-02-01 Merced vs Alpha deal takes further Compaq twist
The Register 1999-02-03 Compaq contemplating 128-bit Alpha
The Register 1999-02-04 Pfeiffer stopped 128-bit Alpha workstations in its tracks
CNET 1999-02-12 Compaq releases Alpha chip amid brighter prospects
CNET 1999-02-17 Network Appliance hits expectations
The Register 1999-03-02 Microsoft to ship beta 3 of W2000 on 21 April
The Register 1999-03-03 Alpha chip to clock 1.4GHz in copper
The Register 1999-03-05 High-end Alpha spreads like Wildfire
The Register 1999-03-17 Compaq re-visiting Merced strategy
CNET 1999-03-18 Compaq, HP rethink workstations
The Register 1999-03-21 Compaq breaks for border with Alpha chip
The Register 1999-03-21 Secret Alpha system pix fall to earth
CNET 1999-03-23 Compaq sees Linux as selling Alpha chips
The Register 1999-03-24 More Alpha details seep from Compaq sieve
The Register 1999-03-29 AMD-Compaq Alpha plans draw closer
CNET 1999-03-30 Compaq expands Linux line
The Register 1999-03-30 Future of Alpha chip revealed
The Register 1999-03-31 Alpha Processor Inc ramps up anti-Intel battle
CNET 1999-04-06 Compaq server debut shows Digital influence
CNET 1999-04-07 Compaq adds to its Unix stable
The Register 1999-05-03 FTC to appoint guardian for Alpha
The Register 1999-05-04 Will Compaq change direction on Alpha?
CNET 1999-05-10 Compaq's server focused on price, Linux
The Register 1999-05-23 Alpha EV67 chips spotted at 800MHz
The Register 1999-06-07 Samsung could buy Compaq out of Alpha hole
The Register 1999-06-08 Pfeiffer positions Alpha against Merced
The Register 1999-06-12 Compaq exec says copper Alpha in '99
The Register 1999-06-17 Samsung's Alpha to exceed 1GHz in year's time
The Register 1999-06-17 Samsung sets up Alpha S&M arm
The Register 1999-06-18 AMD-Alpha collaboration firmed up
The Register 1999-06-19 Slot B pix arrive as API confirms AMD collaboration
The Register 1999-06-20 How CompaQ views Intel roadmap
CNET 1999-06-22 Alpha pushes processor to a cool 1 GHz
The Register 1999-06-27 API publishes Alpha Slot B benchmarketing
The Register 1999-07-05 CompaQ rejigs Europe
The Register 1999-07-09 Stricken Mitsubishi backs off from Alpha
The Register 1999-07-13 Eight way AMD K7 chipset on cards
CNET 1999-07-14 Making supercomputers out of cheap parts
CNET 1999-07-19 Compaq to ship 667-MHz computers
The Register 1999-07-21 Alpha chip fastest on planet claims Alpha vendor
The Register 1999-08-05 Alpha Coppa not a stonking whoppa
The Register 1999-08-19 Compaq set to fire Alpha NT developers
CNET 1999-08-20 Layoffs at Compaq NT unit just the start
The Register 1999-08-23 Via may produce Alpha chipsets
The Register 1999-08-23 Compaq Alpha cuts pull rug from Microsoft's 64-bit NT
LA Times 1999-08-23 Compaq Drops Effort to Tie Alpha Chips to Windows 2000
The Register 1999-08-24 Leaked Pesatori memo spells out Compaq Win plans
CNET 1999-08-25 Windows NT and Alpha may be parting ways
The Register 1999-08-26 Leaked Compaq Q&A shows level of 64-bit NT Alpha chaos
The Register 1999-08-26 Microsoft puts boot into 64-bit Alpha
The Register 1999-09-02 Compaq has copper Alphas working
The Register 1999-09-06 1.6GHz Alpha to be fastest Quake chip on planet
CNET 1999-09-22 Compaq reverses plans for Unix on Intel chips
The Register 1999-10-10 AMD cools on Slot-B, but Alpha alliance still strong
The Register 1999-10-17 Alpha: the chip that time forgot?
The Register 1999-11-10 500 Alpha NT jobs to go at Compaq
The Register 1999-11-18 Big Q launches big Alpha super computer
The Register 1999-11-22 Alpha processor to sashay with chassis
EE Times 1999-12-07 Samsung races IBM over next-generation Alpha processor
The Register 1999-12-08 IBM, Samsung square up for Compaq Alpha contract
EE Times 1999-12-13 Compaq, Samsung expand Alpha collaboration with investment pledge
The Register 1999-12-13 Compaq, API announce Alpha cash-plunge
LA Times 1999-12-13 Samsung to Produce Compaq’s Alpha Chip in 500-Million Deal
Info World 1999-12-13 Compaq, Samsung pump $500 million into Alpha
The Register 1999-12-13 Compaq avoids IA-64 question in Alpha push
EE Times 1999-12-17 AMD to play key role in future of Alpha architecture
The Register 1999-12-21 Big Q's petition to FTC on Alpha might well fail
The Register 1999-12-23 Alpha reseller up in arms over API delays
The Register 1999-12-28 Big Q claims Alpha thrashes Itanium-Merced
The Register 1999-12-28 API falls behind with Slot B, UP1000 shipments


Source Date Title
The Register 2000-03-01 Big Q (Compaq) terribly coy about Alpha Wildfire
The Register 2000-03-26 An Omega for Alpha?
The Register 2000-03-29 Low cost Alpha boxes on way
EE Times 2000-04-04 Samsung preps 1.6-GHz Alpha as Intel, AMD competitor
CNET 2000-04-05 Linux computer maker aims to tap Alpha chip
The Register 2000-04-25 Microsoft kicks Compaq's Alpha in teeth
The Register 2000-05-15 Wildfire takes aim at Intel, Sun, IBM, HP's server pants
CNET 2000-05-23 Alpha Processor expands from chips to Linux-based systems
The Register 2000-05-26 Samsung to co-develop Linux Alpha supercomputer
The Register 2000-06-23 Compaq to create 0.13 micron Intel killer
The Register 2000-08-20 64-bit Compaq Alpha tops 1040MHz
The Register 2000-08-27 Alpha strikes back against Intel
The Register 2000-09-15 API messes up Alpha mobo upgrade
CNET 2000-09-21 Manufacturers compete for share of high-end Unix market
The Register 2000-10-11 Samsung greases the Alpha skids
The Register 2000-11-06 Thin 'n' fast Alpha Linux servers coming RSN
Electronics Weekly 2000-11-07 Alpha Changes Name; Debuts Server, 833MHz Processor


Source Date Title
The Register 2001-01-10 Compaq Alpha makes 1GHz target
The Register 2001-01-25 AMD drops EV6 for Hammer bus
The Register 2001-02-12 Compaq AlphaServers to hit 833MHz, 1GHz
The Register 2001-03-02 Compaq AlphaServer wins TPC Bragging Rights
The Inquirer 2001-06-22 Alpha up for grabs
The Register 2001-06-25 Farewell then, Alpha - Hello, Compaq the Box Shifter
The Register 2001-06-25 Intel takes Alpha from Compaq's hands
LA Times 2001-06-26 Compaq to Phase Out Chips Line
The Register 2001-07-23 Tru64 tweaks come with intro of 1GHz Alpha
The Inquirer 2001-08-06 Itanic will use Alpha EV8, SMT features
The Register 2001-10-06 Compaq on speed with 1GHz 64-bit Alpha boxen


Source Date Title
The Register 2002-02-23 Compaq pumps up AlphaServer 4-way benchmarks
CNET 2002-02-28 Promoter of storied Alpha to shut doors
The Register 2002-05-08 Alphacide yesterday, Yamhill tomorrow: HP merger architect talks
The Register 2002-08-06 HP refreshes midrange PA, Alpha servers
The Inquirer 2002-08-07 Samsung revisits Alpha processor
The Inquirer 2002-08-09 Microway says "no more Samsung Alphas"


Source Date Title
The Register 2003-01-21 EV7 AlphaServers unleashed as chip line heads into sunset
CNET 2003-04-08 AMD's Opteron aspirations
CNET 2003-07-02 Intel gets more key Alpha alums
The Register 2003-10-20 HP unveils the last, big Alpha box


Source Date Title
The Inquirer 2005-06-30 Will the Alpha Chip Stage a Comeback?


Source Date Title
The Inquirer 2008-04-29 Intel's upcoming AVX instructions go back to the future