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In the past, most major distributions supported the Alpha Architecture, but as time goes on, fewer continue to maintain their ports.


Gentoo Linux has a maintained Alpha port.

An experimental Fedora port is also available, but it appears dead, being last updated in April 2009.

Until Debian Lenny, Debian maintained an Alpha port. Debian Squeeze will not support Alpha.

Openwall 2.0 has an Alpha port. The development branch is not built on Alpha. Further support for Alpha is dependent on user feedback. If you use Openwall on Alpha, please provide feedback on the owl-users mailing list.


Many Linux distributions once supported Alpha, but do not any longer or have been discontinued. The following lists distributions who supported Alpha in the past and the last Alpha-supporting release.

  • Red Hat 7.2
  • AlphaCore 3
  • CentOS 4.6
  • SuSE 7.1

FreeBSD also discontinued their Alpha port after the 6.x series.


A few newsgroups exist for Alpha users, namely

While not pertaining to Linux or Alpha, hardware information may be found in the comp.sys.vms and comp.unix.tru64 newsgroups.

Mailing Lists

The main mailing list for Alpha Linux users is the axp-list hosted by Red Hat.

Also, Gentoo and Debian both have Alpha related lists.

The Red Hat list gets the most traffic and isn't geared toward a specific Linux distribution. The Gentoo list has extremely low volume and it entirely for Gentoo related discussion.

An Alpha/Linux Kernel mailing list is hosted at To subscribe, send an email to with a blank subject line with body subscribe linux-alpha. Archives are located on

While not pertaining to Linux, Alpha hardware information may be found in the FreeBSD Alpha, NetBSD Alpha, OpenBSD Alpha Mailing Lists.


A general Alpha discussion channel exists at #alpha on Also, a Gentoo oriented channel exists at #gentoo-alpha, also on Freenode.


Gentoo has a Gentoo on Alternative Architectures forum. hosts an HP/DEC/Compaq forum.