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API NetWorks UP1000

The UP1000 is a motherboard built by Samsung and API NetWorks and released in 2000.


UP1000 Features
  • 600 MHz with 2MB L2 or 700 MHz with 4MB L2 EV67, L2 cache bandwidth 3.2GB/s [1]
  • AMD-751 Chipset, ALi M1543C south bridge
  • 3x 168-pin DIMMs, supports 64MB to 768 of ECC unbuffered PC100 SDRAM
  • 1x AGP 2x (See limitations below)
  • 4x 33 MHz 32-bit PCI slots
  • 2x EISA slots


  • The IDE controller does not support 48-bit LBA, so hard drive sizes are limited to 128 GiB (137GB)
  • Alpha AGP Conflict

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