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[24 May 2020] Coming soon: A trove of wiki content dated from 7 May 2012 has been discovered on the website.

The content will be gradually added to this wiki to restore it to its former glory. is a great free resource for internet users and is a very worthy cause for charitable donations for those who can afford to do so.

The server hosting this website has also been migrated to an x86_64 after the cloud provider discontinued the ARM aarch64 service, but is still using electricity from low carbon footprint sources.

[7 Oct 2018] This website is now hosted on a server running the ARM architecture (aarch64), using low carbon footprint electricity.

The cloud provider hosting this server is based in France, where the electricity comes mostly from non-fossil fuel sources. This helps to minimise the carbon footprint of this website. ARM aarch64 is an interesting alternative architecture to x86_64 with its own Linux port, just like Alpha.

[29 Sep 2015] This website is now hosted by Advania in Iceland, using energy that really is renewable.

The Advania cloud service is powered by Iceland's electricity, which is produced almost entirely from hydroelectric and geothermal sources. Before moving to Advania this wiki was hosted at Greenqloud, also in Iceland.

[31 May 2015] website is back

The website is now up and running again, but any web links to content will need to be updated. Enthusiasts can now access content using this well-known domain. Special thanks to Rich Payne and Marta Greenberg.

[22 Feb 2015] Content from is now available website content is back! A big thank you to Rich Payne and Peter Petrakis who have very kindly worked to make the content available on GitHub. Information on how to access it is on the Former content page. This allows Alpha enthusiasts to download their own copy of the entire site using "git clone".

[10 Dec 2014] New website launched

The website is intended to provide resources for Alpha processor operating systems; in particular Linux on Alpha. The content is under development, but there are plans to include content formerly hosted at

There are many good reasons for keeping Alpha content available, whether or not the Alpha architecture is a primary platform for running Linux nowadays:

  • Alpha hardware is still run by real organisations doing real work. It is still supported hardware for users running OpenVMS.
  • We wouldn't throw away data about our favourite 8-bit home microcomputers, even though they are now used only by hobbyists, so why should we throw away information about Alpha?
  • Retro computing - it's a bit like owning a classic car but is cheaper (normally) and takes up less space!

You can still view the old site using The last copy of the site was on 10 Sep 2014. I hope to make copies of the downloadable content. If you contributed content for in the past then you are very welcome to resubmit it to this site!