List of operating systems for Alpha

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This list is incomplete.

Name Support status
FreeBSD No longer supported.
Linux Supported by some distributions.
NetBSD Supported as of version 6.1.5, 22 Sep 2014.
OpenBSD Supported as of version 5.6, released on 1 Nov 2014.
OpenVMS Supported. Hobbyist licenses are available. The OpenVMS operating system has now been relaunched under its own company: VMS Software Inc.
Tru64 (formerly Digital UNIX) No longer supported. End of standard support was 31 Dec 2012. [1]
UNICOS/mk (Cray supercomputers) Unknown. (Mentioned for interest because the Alpha architecture was used in the Cray T3E supercomputer.)
Windows NT 4.0 No longer supported.
Windows 2000 RC? No longer supported.