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The Compaq Compiler Kit was a collections of closed source compilers, optimized libraries and a debugger developed by Compaq for use on Linux. The compilers and debugger were a technology port of their Tru64 UNIX line of tools with only few missing features. The compiler driver program and compilers aimed at a high degree of compatibility with the GNU toolchain allowing it to be used as an in-place substitute of the GNU tools with regards to very little editing of makefiles.[1]

Individual parts of the kit

  • Compilers
    • ccc – the C compiler.
    • cxx – the C++ compiler.
    • cfal – the Fortran compiler.
  • Debuggers
    • Ladebug – The debugger.
  • Libraries
    • libots – Support code library.
    • libcpml – Compaq Portable Math LibraryNote.
    • libcxml – Compaq Extended Math LibraryNote.
    • cfalrtl – Fortran runtime library.

Note Two seperate version were available for EV5 and EV6.

Available versions

Entity Latest version Filename Readme Release Notes
ccc ccc- /usr/doc/ccc-
cxx cxx- /usr/doc/cxx-
cfal 1.2.0-4 cfal-1.2.0-4.alpha.rpm /usr/doc/cfal-1.2.0/README
Ladebug 4.0.67-21 ladebug-4.0.67-21.alpha.rpm /usr/doc/ladebug-V67/README /usr/doc/ladebug-V67/release-notes.html
libots 2.2.7-2 libots-2.2.7-2.alpha.rpm /usr/lib/compaq/libots-2.2.7/README
libcpml EV5 5.2.0-1 cpml_ev5-5.2.0-1.alpha.rpm /usr/doc/cpml-5.2.0/README /usr/doc/cpml-5.2.0/Release_Notes-5.2.0
libcpml EV6 5.2.0-1 cpml_ev6-5.2.0-1.alpha.rpm /usr/doc/cpml-5.2.0/README /usr/doc/cpml-5.2.0/Release_Notes-5.2.0
libcxml EV5 5.2.0-2 cxml_ev5-5.2.0-2.alpha.rpm /usr/doc/cxml-5.2.0/README /usr/doc/cxml-5.2.0/Release_Notes-5.2.0
libcxml EV6 5.2.0-2 cxml_ev6-5.2.0-2.alpha.rpm /usr/doc/cxml-5.2.0/README /usr/doc/cxml-5.2.0/Release_Notes-5.2.0
Fortran RTL 1.2.0-3 cfalrtl-1.2.0-3.alpha.rpm /usr/lib/compaq/cfalrtl-1.2.0/README

Linux compatibility

Compaq distributed the individual parts of the kit as RPM packages.

  • Version 6.2 was most heavily tested on Redhat 5.2, but also Redhat 6.0 and SuSE 6.1. Compatibility with Debian 2.0 was improving.[1]
  • Version 6.5 ran on Redhat 6.0, 6.1, 6.2, 7.0, 7.1, 7-2-Beta, and SuSE 6.1, 6.3, 7.0, and 7.1. Some Debian compatibility is mentioned, version not clarified.[2]


  • The order code for Compaq C Compiler (version 6.2) on CD was QB-6G2AA-SA


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