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Linux/Alpha Frequently Asked Questions

Rich Payne

v1.6, 3 Nov 2000

This document attempts to answer the most common Linux/Alpha related questions. It also contains various pointers to other information sources that may help you get started in the Alpha world. The latest version of this FAQ can always be found via the Linux/Alpha home page. It can also be downloaded, in .html or a number of other formats, from the AlphaLinux.Org home page.

1. What State Is Linux/Alpha In?

2. Are There Any Mailing Lists I Should Join?

3. What's The Minimum Configuration To Run Linux/Alpha?

4. How fast is the Alpha ?

5. What Systems Does Linux/Alpha Run On?

6. So, what should I buy?

7. Where Do I Get Alpha Hardware?

8. Noname (AXPpci33) and Multia (UDB)

9. Jensen (DEC 2000/DECpc 150/Highscreen AXP)

10. AlphaStation 200

11. Samsung APC164UX (Ruffian)

12. Which Graphics Cards Work With Linux/Alpha?

13. Where Do I Get Linux Software?

14. Commercial Applications

15. How To Boot Linux/Alpha?

16. EM86: How To Run Linux/x86 Apps on Linux/Alpha

17. How To Run DEC Unix Netscape on Linux/Alpha

18. Change Log

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