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9. Jensen (DEC 2000/DECpc 150/Highscreen AXP)

This section was contributed and was maintained for many years by Martin Ostermann. (Thanks, Martin !) Currently Martin doesn't own a Jensen anymore: updates for this section may be sent directly to me

The Jensen was the first Alpha PC that has been available commercially from DEC. Not surprisingly, there are a few oddities with it. This section is an attempt to help people getting Linux/Alpha installed on a Jensen, and to provide additional information operating Linux on the Jensen.

9.1 Installation

First off, there is no MILO for the Jensen. So it is unavoidable to use Jensen's builtin SRM console. Unfortunately, it is severely handicapped with respect to boot command line option processing. Thanks to Michael Schwingen there is now a new aboot loader that can work around these limitations.

Secondly, the Jensen SRM console cannot boot from a floppy. This used to make bootstrapping Linux a real pain, until Jim Paradis contributed a minilabel and writeboot programs executable from the ARC console. These tools can be download from the AlphaLinux.Org Jensen Page.

The original version -- which is outdated and you should not use this now -- is available together with a the JENSEN-HOWTO describing the installation process in detail from

The Jensen is supported by Red Hat Linux, but some things still cause trouble.

9.2 The Jensen is different

The Jensen differs from other systems in several ways:

9.3 Known Problems

Know Problem and workarounds:

Sometimes people tend to blame the Jensen for general Alpha related problems. Please keep in mind that only the hardware is different, and that in most cases the kernel handles the hardware access. Thus for most programs it doesn't make a difference if they are being run on the Jensen or any other Digital/Alpha machine.

9.4 Hardware Issues

You may ask yourself, how you can upgrade your system. Here are some suggestions, but please note that I actually did not test most of this stuff, I just collected information found on the internet:

9.5 Miscellaneous Information

So what is the Jensen all about? There is a some information available online:

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