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5. What Systems Does Linux/Alpha Run On?

The number of Alpha platforms that are supported by Linux is quickly increasing. The following is a list of workstations and motherboards that are known to work with Linux. If you have any corrections to the list, please send us mail. More information on these system types is also available at the documentation archives.

5.1 Unsupported Systems

Linux/Alpha is unlikely to support the TURBOchannel-based Alpha systems in the near (or any) future (this is the DEC 3000 series of workstations). The reason for this is two-fold: first, these machines have an I/O system that is very different from PCI-based machines and therefore do not look anything like PCs (e.g., pretty much all drivers would have to be written from scratch). Second, with the advent of PCI, the TURBOchannel is pretty much dead technology (for better or worse) and it just isn't all that much fun to develop software for dead technology (on the other hand, it may soon be possible to buy such systems cheaply, which would make them more interesting to Linux users, I suppose).

If you have such a machine and want to run a free OS, look for the *BSD's. At least one of them supports the 3000 series.

5.2 Table

The table below (one of Jay Estabrook's many invaluable contributions) may prove useful to select the right MILO/Kernel/bootfloppy for your system.

The following table may be useful; sorry, but I haven't put in the "family" designations
explicitly, but the groupings and MILOs are indicative, mostly.


Note: "AS" can equally stand for "AlphaStation" and "AlphaServer", though
      both may *not* be available for a given platform.

Hardware Type           Aliases                 MILO image
=============           =======                 ==========

DECpc 150               JENSEN                  N/A     
DEC 2000 Model 300(S)   JENSEN
DEC 2000 Model 500      CULZEAN

AS 600                  ALCOR                   xlt-alcor

AS 500                  MAVERICK,BRET           xlt-alcor
XL-300                  XLT
XL-366                  XLT
XL-433                  XLT

AS 200 4/*              MUSTANG                 avanti
AS 205 4/*              LX3
AS 250 4/*              M3
AS 255 4/*              LX3+
AS 300 4/*              MELMAC
AS 400 4/*              AVANTI

XL-233                  XL                      xl
XL-266                  XL                      xl

Personal Workstation    MIATA                   miata
PWS 433a(u)
PWS 500a(u)
PWS 600a(u)

AS 2100 (EV4)           SABLE                   N/A
AS 2100 (EV5)           GAMMA-SABLE             N/A
AS 2000 (EV4)           DEMI-SABLE
AS 2000 (EV5)           DEMI-GAMMA-SABLE

AS 1000 (EV4)           MIKASA                  N/A
AS 1000 (EV5)           MIKASA-PRIMO            N/A

AS 1000A (EV4)          NORITAKE                N/A
AS 1000A (EV5)          NORITAKE-PRIMO          N/A
AS 600A                 ALCOR-PRIMO
AS 800                  CORELLE

AXPpci33                NONAME                  udb-noname
UDB                     MULTIA

AlphaBook1 (laptop)     ALPHABOOK1              N/A

AlphaPC64               CABRIOLET               cabrio

AlphaPC164              PC164                   pc164

AlphaPC164-LX           LX164                   lx164

AlphaPC164-SX           SX164                   sx164

EB164                   EB164                   eb164

EB64+                   EB64+                   eb64p

EB66+                   EB66+                   eb66p

EB66                    EB66                    eb66

AS 4100                 RAWHIDE                 N/A
AS 4000                 RAWHIDE                 N/A
AS 1200                 TINCUP                  N/A


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