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RedHat 5.2 Problems

This is a list of known problems with RedHat 5.2 for Alpha. This includes the contents of the RedHat errata and other problems that RedHat has yet to fix. The list is broken down into two seperate sections. The first being functionality/updates, the second being security problems.


Signal 11 during install:

Symptom: User receives a signal 11 when trying to select individual packages during installation.
Solution: Download the updated ramdisk.img file and rawrite (or dd) the file to a floppy and use this as your ramdisk floppy.


Symptom: When trying to configure ipfwadm this error is reported: setsockopt, invalid argument.
Solution: The ipfwadm package shipped with RedHat 5.2 (and 5.1) is defective, as is the source rpm. Download the ipfwadm rpm from RedHat 5.0 for Alpha and install this. NOTE: If you are now using a 2.1.x or 2.2.x kernel you should upgrade to ipchains instead of ipfwadm.


Symptom: File searching/spacing command do not work correctly.
Solution: Download a later version of mt from rpmfind.net.


Symptom: After upgrading to a 2.2.x (or 2.1) kernel dhcpd no longer works.
Solution: Download an updated dhcpd rpm for the latest kernel series.


Updated to maintain same version as SPARC. dump-0.3-17.alpha.rpm


Fixes several bugs in the original perl version released with 5.2 that caused problems with Majordomo and CGI. perl-5.004m7-1.alpha.rpm

X-windows and Xconfigurator:

Updates X-windows to version (if you're using FVWM2 and you update your X-server you'll also need the FVWM updates below). All filesets are available from ftp://ftp.alphalinux.org/pub/AXP/redhat/updates/redhat-5.2/


Updates for FVWM2 (AnotherLevel) to work with X-windows 3.3.1.