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Circa RH4.2 Linux Alpha Patches and Bug Fixes - Kernels, GCC, and Profiling

Harvey J. Stein, Berger Financial Research, Ltd.

Version 2.2 (Submitted 6 December 1997, but accepted 21 September 1998)

This document details what parts of the Redhat alpha 4.2 distribution need repair, and why. It covers patches needed for the kernel, gcc, and to make profiling work. Copyright (c) 1997,1998 by Harvey J. Stein. You may use this document as you see fit, as long as it remains intact. In particular, this notice must remain untouched.

1. Introduction.

2. Kernel patching.

3. GCC Bugs and Bug Fixes.

4. Profiling Repair.

5. Patches.

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