RE: Linux on AlphaServer 400 4/33

Subject: RE: Linux on AlphaServer 400 4/33
From: James Livingston (
Date: Thu May 13 1999 - 10:54:30 PDT

FWIW, the product name is actually "AlphaServer 400 4/233", and it is an
Avanti, sold as a server. The project name for this was "Chinet", to go
along with the dishware theme long used by the Alpha volume server group
over the years; this started with "Mikasa", the AlphaServer 1000 4/200.
Product developers referred to the card containing the EV4 and APECS
chip set as the "CPU module", and you could configure the box to accept
an Intel-based module. Digital did try, for volume platforms, to use
common components to make Alpha- and Intel-based systems, where


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It is, in fact, an Avanti-class machine. The MILO image you want is

Linux runs well on the Avanti's. The CPU does sit on a riser card; if
look at the backplane board, you will notice jumpers that say
"alpha/intel' and the like on them. That way, DEC could use the same
casing, backplane board, drives, etc... with an Intel riser card.

As for hardware, I've had good luck with Toshiba CDROM's, Quantum and
Seagate drives, and Matrox Millenium (I/II) and S3 graphics cards.

As always. YMMV. ;-)



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On Wed, 12 May 1999, Brendan Miller wrote:

> For some reason I had a difficult time determining which milo image
> to use for the AlphaServer 400 4/33. (I think that's the name.) It
> looked like avanti. Could someone confirm?
> Also, I trust that Linux will work on this machine. I believe it uses
> a 21064 @233MHz. I took a peek inside one that I might be getting and

> it looked like the CPU was on a special proprietary riser card. Other
> than that, do the standard PCI and ISA slots support the standard PC
> hardware?
> Anyone have Linux running on such a machine? I have a Multia, and
> everything is integrated, I didn't have much trouble picking
> Any tips for an AS 400?
> Brendan
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