Re: UDB/Linux 4.0

Maurice Hilarius (
Sat, 30 Nov 1996 10:17:49 -0700

At 05:16 AM 11-30-96 -0600, you wrote:
>I have inserted disk before I pressed reutrn key, and promlem MAY be
>when I returned this box once, they updated firmware, however, MILO
>disk(as they called it)-boot floppy has 2.0.18 still. and tryed their
>instruction which has only noname.img instead of milo etc.
I use UDB's with firmware update from :
and milo from :
and they work well...

>so If I need to make new boot disk, I need linload.exe and milo only?(only
>visible from mac)
Yes, that is exactly what you want. Now, to boot from it do the following :
At the Boot menu. Select "Supplementary menu", select "Set up the
system...", then "Manage boot selection menu...", then "Delete a boot
Delete any and all existing boot selections!
Now, from the "Boot selections menu," select "Add a boot selection..."
At "Select a system partition for this boot selection," select "Floppy disk 0".
At "Enter the osloader directory and name:...", delete the existing text and
enter "linload.exe"
To "Is the operating system in the same partition as the osloader," select
At "Enter the operating system root directory," delete all characters from
the default response, and enter "milo".
At "Enter a name for this boot selection," delete the existing answer and
type "floppy milo"
To "Do you want to initialize the debugger at boot time," select "no"
Back at the boot selection menu, select "Change a boot selection", and then
select "floppy milo" (which should be the only selection at this
point), and press ENTER.
Press ESCape to exit from this menu.
DownArrow to "Supplementary menu, and save changes...", then press ENTER.
Put the milo floppy in the floppy drive, and select "Boot menu", then "Boot
floppy milo". If all goes well, you'll see some load messages, and the
floppy will chug for a while, then you'll see the "MILO>" prompt.
Insert the BOOT floppy, and type

boot fd0:vmlinux.gz root=/dev/fd0 load_ramdisk=1

>I'm only concerned with ext2_mount bad magic what is this? I've never
>seen or heared on FAQ before...
If you fopllow this faithfully, have a valid disk, then system should boot
to the Red Hat install prompt. If this fails, then one of 2 things is probable:
1) Your floppy may not be good. Get the disk formatted on a DOS p.c., and
recopy the files linload.exe and milo to it.
2) Maybe a hardware problem...

Good luck!

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