Re: Time to form comp.os.linux.alpha?

Topi Kanerva (
Sat, 30 Nov 1996 13:51:17 +0200 (EET)

On Wed, 27 Nov 1996, Ryan Dripps wrote:

> Sounds like a UDB faq may be in order. Perhaps sending a copy of the alpha
> faq to new mail list subscribers would help a little? There seems to be
> two subjects on this list, support and development. Most new subscribers
> I think are expecting this to be a support list for axp red hat related
> issues. I think making an axp-development list is the best way to solve
> the snr.

i'd be interested in hearing what happened to the rutgers list?

i recall we had even our linux-m68k list on vger some time ago, but
we switched to a host on europe instead (the subscribers complained about
long delivery times, i didn't notice of any of that, though)

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