Miguel Avillez (
Fri, 29 Nov 1996 09:31:42 +0000 (WET)


I have UDB 233 MHz running RH-4.0.

I made dumps of two file systems in a tape and
tryed to vizualise both dumps so here it is what I done

as root of the host machine for the tape drive I made

/usr/bin/mt -f /dev/nrmt0a rewind

/sbin/restore -i /dev/nrmt0a


got the list of all files of the first dump, than to see the next dump I

/usr/bin/mt -f /dev/nrmt0a fsf 1

/sbin/restore -i /dev/nrmt0a
got the following answer

Tape is not volume 1 of the dump

than again
/sbin/restore -i /dev/nrmt0a


and got the list of files of the first dump, again
so I thought it might have something to do with mt fsf... hence I tryed

/usr/bin/mt -f /dev/nrmt0a fsf 2

/sbin/restore -i /dev/nrmt0a

got the list of the 1st dump and not of the second dump.

so How can I see the second dump? Please note that the /etc/dumpdates has
2 lines refering to these dumps. So I am sure the dumps were made.

thanks for all your help


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