Re: X-Server for DEC TGA2-Graphic Adaptor
Thu, 28 Nov 1996 12:45:50 +0500

>>> Christian Moench said:
> I am looking for a X-Server for a TGA2 graphic adaptor from
> DEC. Since there seems to be no accelerated server, I am
> looking for a standard VGA or SVGA server.

Well, here's a few things to think about:

1. the VGA chip on the TGA2 board is a rather dumb Cirrus 542x, I think
one of the ones without the blitter.

2. I heard that this was attempted (running either the DEC generic VGA
server or the Cirrus one, on the TGA2's Cirrus), and it was unsuccessful
for some reason, which was not explained.

3. there's not been any generic VGA or SVGA server work done for the Alphas
under XFree86. I'd like to think it wouldn't be too much work, with some
of the other stuff I've done for supporting the Millenium. Also, there is
(or soon will be) a generic VGA monochrome server which appears to work
OK, but its pretty slow and only works at 640x480, currently.

4. it might be easier to add some TGA2 support to the current XFree86 TGA
server, and treat it also via the dumb framebuffer (CFB) code. I'm going
to look into this soon, or see if some docs re: the TGA2 are available to
the public so someone else could do it.


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