Re: Installing RedHat 4.0 on UDB

D. Steven Daniel (
Thu, 28 Nov 1996 13:42:42 -0500 (EST)

> start. Anyone tried the Craftworks setup ? I am tempted to try that
> one as well.

Beware of craftworks! Craftworks touts itself as easy to install, this is
true. But since I generally only install operating systems once, this is
hardly of any added value to me. The install is so limited that one
cannot set the netmask at install. Additionaly, I could never get the nfs
install to work, ifconfig could not set the interface parameters.

As far as operation, G77 does not work (another selling point of
Craftwork). The worst part of Craftworks is the state of the shared
libraries. I could compile C programs but when I run the program it dumps
core. I found out that if the programs are compiled with -static flag
they work; although, this defeats the purpose of ELF. In addition, I
tried to examine the core dumps using xxgdb, and again it seg faults. I
ran ldd on several of the bundled programs and few report using shared
libraries. I have returned my Craftworks for a refund as I see no added
value to me grabbing all the sources and building them myself.

My recommendation is to buy Redhat but not from redhat, I would deal with
a reseller. Similar to DEC, Redhat's marketing and sales people missed
the clue wagon long ago. Both companies have nice products but poor
distribution (ie. look at DEC stock).

Sorry if this is long winded, but I hate to see others waste their time as
I have.

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