Re: Time to form comp.os.linux.alpha?

Topi Kanerva (
Thu, 28 Nov 1996 17:41:25 +0200

> Before the massive wave of UDB's hit the market, the axp-list
> was a pretty effective way to swap technical information.
> Now, the volume of traffic on this list is so high that I find
> myself immediately looking for the keyword 'UDB' in the subject
> and body, and if I see it, I immediately delete the message.
> Being able to read news (instead of wading through 200 extra
> messages on monday if I don't read email over the weekend) would
> certainly make my life easier.

I am one of those new UDB owners, too, do you delete me if i put 'UDB'
in the subject?
Ok, enough hatred, let me tell you how we did the newsgroup trick with
linux/m68k. The linux/68k project started way back 1992, but it took till
1993 for it to get some kind of shape (in forms of developers communicating
via a mailinglist formed late 1993). During years 1993-1995, the mailinglist
was pretty quiet and only had the info about everyone was interested to hear,
and there were just a small bunch of us, perharps 20 or so guys working on
the linux/m68k kernel. Now, in 1996, we have attained some popularity, and
the mailinglist was flooding 200-500 mails per week, much of those were some
newbie etc. questions. We wanted to keep the mailinglist on the kernel
development, so we put up a vote for the comp.os.linux.m68k newsgroup.
It turned out we had enough votes, so the newsgroup exists nowadays.
Basically, now we can do our kernel conversations in the mailing list,
and the newbies ask on the newsgroup (hopefully someone answers them:)

Is this the kind of 'configuration' you intend?
Sorry for the long preamble :)

Just my 5 cents worth..


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