Re: Oh, I killed myself

Zarmfab Software Development (
Thu, 28 Nov 1996 12:03:17 +0100

Hello, Fritz

something very similar happened to me last week.
( did you try snapshot 961111 ? -- it's libm is unusable )
It was quite tricky to rescue the installation, and possibly
took more time than a complete reinstall, but it was possible:
i booted with the redhat4.0 - installation ramdisk and choose
'upgrade system'. The install program now asked for the root
partition of the old system and then mounted the complete
filesystem hierarchy on /mnt ( This takes a while ) . Now i switched to
the second virtual console, where a shell is waiting for commands.
i deleted all libc related stuff from /mnt/lib and /mnt/usr/lib, and installed
the glibc-rpm 'by hand' with rpm -i --root /mnt --force <path-to-rpm>.
now i did a sync and rebooted.

some days ago Richard Henderson suggested to install glibc-snapshots
with: zcat archive | cpio -dvi

Thats what i did yesterday with libc-axp-961122-bin.tar.gz, and it worked.
thats NO RECOMMENDATION to install libc-axp-961122-bin.tar.gz. It
looks like it breaks something, e.g., gcc ;-(.
I just switched back to the old redhat-4.0 glibc, what took me 3 hours, uuh.

Martin Cornelius, ZARMFAB software development, University of Bremen
phone: 49-421-218-4807    FAX: 49-421-218-3889
paper-mail: Hochschulring / Am Fallturm, 28359 BREMEN, Germany

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