AHA-2940 on PC164

dave madden (dhm@paradigm.webvision.com)
Wed, 27 Nov 1996 22:14:26 -0800

I just got this 400MHz(!) PC164 with 64MB RAM and 2x2GB SCSI disks,
but I can't get it running. (Damn! I was looking forward to
comparing it to the AlphaStation 200 I *do* have running...) Anyway,
there's something wrong with the SCSI card/bus. The disks are at IDs
0 & 1, and the CDROM is at 4. The machine takes an awfully long time
to go through its POST, and one or another of the lights on the disks
or the SCSI card is usually on. Further, if I boot (ARC->linload->
MILO) and then do "MILO> show", the machine hangs while "Scanning
channel A for devices." If I do the same thing with disk 0
disconnected, the POST goes faster and there's no hang while scanning
channel A, but still no drives are detected.

I'd suspect a SCSI ID conflict (perhaps the card is trying to use ID
0) but the driver says "scsi id 7".

Has anybody got good or bad stories about the AHA-2940(PCI) card in a
PC164? Hints? Suggestions?


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