Re: Time to form comp.os.linux.alpha?

Andy Isaacson (
Wed, 27 Nov 1996 16:29:58 -0600 (CST)

Once upon a time, Erik Troan said:
> On Wed, 27 Nov 1996, David A Rusling wrote:
> > Yes, I'd go for that; mind you the number of UDB questions has fallen
> > somewhat...
> I'll vote against it.
> There isn't nearly enough traffic to support a newsgroup. I'll start
> "" for more techinical discussions if people like
> though.
> Erik

I agree with Erik. If this list moves to c.o.l.alpha, I predict that volume
will double or triple, while the signal level will stay the same. It might
be somewhat easier to read as a newsgroup, but I think that we would lose
_much_ more than we'd gain.

The original poster complained about clueless UDB owners (like me :-) asking
questions that had been previously debated; does anyone think that those
questions would _decrease_ if we moved to a newsgroup?

'axp-kernel' sounds like a good idea to me!



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