Re: Time to form comp.os.linux.alpha?

Eric K. Wong (
Wed, 27 Nov 1996 12:17:30 -0800

Maurice Hilarius wrote:
> Yes, a UDB-specific list would be the best solution, I think...
> BTW, we have started selling a fairly large batch of axpPCI33 "no-name"
> 233MHz boards we purchased at a very low price, so look for even more
> UDB-style newbie questions!
> This will mean another large number of cheap Alphas out in the Linux
> community, so the problem you mention is only going to get worse ( there are
> over 600 of these boards).

How much are you selling these for in Canada? How much is shipping to
Vancouver? Is there a big difference between the VX40 and a axpPCI33 in
terms of performance? I'm quite dissatisfied with the two VX40's I
recently acquired. Thanks for the info

Eric Wong

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