X server turns into CPU-HOG

Martin Budsj| (marbud@a90543.skm14.svskt.se)
Wed, 27 Nov 96 20:33 MET


I have this wierd problem. When i start my Xserver (XF86_S3V) with
startx it only writes some of the windows then goes into CPUHOG
mode. That is using 95% of all CPU time.

If i start upp X without any window manager, it runs just fine. Until
i start a X program that uses fonts then again it goes into CPUHOG

Is there something i have missed when i installed the latest XFree-3.2
dist? An i did't overwrite my old X installation, it did't exist
before on my machine. Btw it's a EB66 233Mhz system mainly installed
with RedHat 4.0.

Thanks in advande.

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