Re: Time to form comp.os.linux.alpha?

Simon J Mudd (
Wed, 27 Nov 1996 19:55:19 +0100

In article <>, you wrote:
> OK Great I'm surprised there isn't a newsgroup already, the only thing is I
> don't have access to newsgroups, or at least, not usable access. I would
> support the creation of the newsgroup, only if someone could guarantee me that
> there would be some way to access it via e-mail.

For those of you who have the time, and disk space one option is to "pipe"
mail-lists into a local newsserver. Reading a large number of mail-list
messages as news is much more efficient, as most readers are threaded, but
thread mail-lists quite well.

This can be done with procmail / mail2news / innd. It takes a bit of
configuration, but works really well. You have the added advantage of
expiring as you want the messages.

If you have *no* access to news, that is tough, but maybe you have dialup
access, but don't want to spend hours on-line reading news. One solution is
to use a combination like suck / innd, again leaving the "interesting" groups
on your local machine. This can be done with a script, at off-peak times,
leaving you free to read slowly without worry.

I think many people already do this, but if you don't the effort (a bit) is
well worth while.

I don't have an Alpha, but have been following the axp- and sparc lists now
for some time, and these lists have given me an insight to aspects of linux
which otherwise I wouldn't be aware of.

as to whether to create a group or not: reasons for both, but probably its
true that a newsgroup will broaden the base of readers, if at the expense of
extra noise. Depends what you guys are looking for.


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