Richard B. Kreckel (
Wed, 27 Nov 1996 15:59:23 +0100

Hi all

We are having severe problems compiling on our XL266 with RedHat4.0
installed. First, when trying to compile a kernel, we first had to
comment out the mysterious typedef __kernel_key_t __key_t in line 63
of /usr/include/gnu/types.h. However, this only made 2.0.18 work,
compilation of 2.0.26 still bombs (for several other reasons). Then,
there is this mysterious /usr/src/linux/include/asm-alpha which came
with RedHat and which is full of stuff while the corresponding
dirctory which came with the kernel contains much less
files. Occasionally I have to copy some header-file from the
RedHat-include/asm-alpha/to the actual one in order to make things
work. Still these headers produce lots of difficulties. We still
couldn't compile any nis-client or ypbind. Could somebody please
inform us what's the problem here? Thanx in advance for every


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