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Douglas Barrett (
Wed, 27 Nov 1996 09:22:12 -0800


Firt let me introduce myself. My name is Douglas Barrett
and I am a Unix kernel hack. I have been doing systems work
for fourteen years and Unix work for ten. I have never used
a Linux based system before.

Now I am involved in a software project and I want to bring
Linux up on an Alpha and using that to do early development.
Now, my client is really hot to get a system up and running
and they have asked me to take the lead in this process.

So I have come to the well spring of Linux on Alpha. I have
a lot of questions that I could really use some help with,
but I fear that they would not be of general interest to the
list. So what I would really like is for some kind Alpha
wise Linux knowledgeable individuals could respond to me
via email.

The kind of questions I have are mostly about which Alpha
box I should buy? Are there resellers that are way into
the Linux thing that might be able to cut down the time
required to bring up the box? I really need a complete
development environment, what beyond Linux do I need. I
have more questions but as I said I don't want to abuse
the list.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and thanks in
advance for your help.

Douglas Barrett

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