Re: Time to form comp.os.linux.alpha?

Robin Stephenson (
27 Nov 1996 13:45:13 +0000

Moving to a newsgroup sounds like a good idea to me. I'm currently
using a threading email reader which simulates a newsgroup*, but I can
see that the volume could get annoying for people who aren't. I'll
miss being able to choose my own expiry time for the `group,'
Incidentally, I'm one of the new UDB owners. It can't do the
linux/alpha community any harm to have a few more people on board, can
it? I was pleasurably surprised by how straightforward it was to get
started%: I suspect that the other new UDB owners will also get sorted
out reasonably fast and we'll see the list volume fall slightly.
One thing has just occured to me about moving to a newsgroup, mind
you. Traffic will inflate, what with cross-posts from the rest of the
`col' hierarchy and the standard Usenet spam. I wonder whether there
really will be a net benefit from the move?

* Gnus/GNU Emacs
% once my initial confusion over partitioning, MILO &c was sorted out

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