Miniloader directory on gatekeeper reorganised + new sources + new images

David A Rusling (
Wed, 27 Nov 1996 09:19:44 +0000

I've reorganised the Miniloader directories on gatekeeper (and about time too).
Now the sources and images are broken out into V1.3, V2.0 and V2.1 directories. Each
VX.X directory has a /src directory and a number of subdirectories with pre-built MILO
images. The V2.1 latest sources are 2.1.13 and are now ELF buildable only; unfortunately
I still don't have Digital's BIOS emulation code as an ELF library so that limits the
graphics cards a bit. I've provided the latest V2.0 sources (2.0.26) as both ELF and
COFF tar files.

Software wise there aren't many changes, just a few tidy ups and I've added in
Adaptec 2940UW and 3940UW support to the V2.0/2.0.25 images. These work for me but any
testing by you, the viewers, is greatly appreciated. Like the kernel, V2.0 is getting
no new features but V2.1 will.


David A Rusling Principal Engineer
European Semiconductor Applications Digital Equipment Co Ltd.,
Engineering PO Box 121,
Imperial Way,
Worton Grange
Reading RG2 0TU
Linux, Alpha, StrongArm, PCI Tel: UK-(0)1734-204380
Fax: UK-(0)1734-203133

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