SCSI Termination

Adam Forsyth (
Tue, 26 Nov 96 19:58:28 -0600

I can't seem to get the UDB to recognize my CD ROM. My installation
instructions say if milo freezes on scsi0: 1host that means I have a
termination problem.

I have attempted this with 2 drives the first had SCSI II connectors and
was suppose to automatically terminate itself. I also tried attaching a
terminator to it to see if that would help. It didn't.

The second is an Apple 600e drive it has 50pin connectors, and I had a
terminator in its second port.

With both drives I could not see the drive on the display hardware
configuration menu and milo froze on the scsi0: 1jost message. The
internal hard drive shows up with its brandname and states that its
raw(which it still is)

Is there a chance that I have a problem with the termination of the
internal drive? I have the jumers set for "Power to drive terminator and
to SCSI bus" This was the default with the Seagate 3.5inch drive I put
in it.

Has any one gotten an Apple CD to work. I heard that SONY drives worked
with the UDB and I think the Apple drive has a SONY mechanism inside so I
thought it should work.

Adam Forsyth
2441 Hwy 52N Apt 3-201
Rochester, MN 55901

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