Re: using linux instead of osf

Robert Williams (
Tue, 26 Nov 1996 16:35:59 -0500

To give everyone a concrete sense of the
difference between the DEC optimized (DXML)
libraries and the public domain BLAS, I've
compared the two on a DEC 3000/400 running
DEC UNIX. Using a program called blastime,
I have the following results for the double
precision general matrix multiply routine, DGEMM,
on a M,N,K =256 matrix, with LDA
(leading array dimension) = 512.

The DEC library code is three to four
times as fast as the public domain code.
For code that spends a lot of time doing
matrix operations, this is a very big difference.

CODE megaflops

f77 -O4 8.39
DXML 33.55
KAP 11.18

KAP refers to the KAP fortran
optimizer that I've used myself
to optimize the fortran code.

from Bob Williams,

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