Re: using linux instead of osf

Jon 'maddog' Hall, USG Senior Leader (
Tue, 26 Nov 96 11:06:46 -0500 said:
> I find it kind of ironic that Digital apparently ported these
> libraries for NT at no apparent license cost. Of course that is a
> platform with a lot more "clout" than Linux.

> Any comment on this idea Jon? said:
> You're thinking of DPML; the Digital Portable Math Library, rather
> than DXML, the extended library with BLAS and the like.

As Scott pointed out, they are two different libraries. However even before
Maurice asked for comment, I recognized that the magic word "sell" was
mentioned, and I now am going after the owners of these libaries to see if
that word and the increased sales of Alpha Linux systems might prompt the
library owner to do a port.

As always, no promises or dates mentioned.


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