Re: prune the images?
Tue, 26 Nov 1996 10:00:28 -0500

>>> Jim Nance said:
> Here is one question that I have always ment to ask and never have. Is
> it really necessary to have so many different kernels? One thing really
> nice about the Sparc port is that there are only 2 kernels, one for
> uniprocessor machines, and one for SMP machines. I think at least the
> distribution makers and newbies could really benifet if it were possible
> to prune down the number of kernels.
> This really is a question, not a critisim. I really don't know what the
> difference between the kernels is.

The major differences between kernels are:

1. interrupt delivery/management (is it PIC only, or PIC + PCI, and where)

2. address space (determined by core logic, eg APECS or CIA)

And yes, it's quite possible to have a "generic" kernel; we had one for
the 32-bit port of LINUX 1.0 that was (thankfully) stillborn. Also, check
out the size of "genvmunix" under Digital UNIX; that's the "generic" kernel
for DU which will run on *EVERYTHING* between the Tadpole laptop and the
8400 MP boxen.

Maybe we should look into this for 2.1.x???


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