Re: using linux instead of osf

Maurice Hilarius (
Tue, 26 Nov 1996 00:31:16 -0700

At 12:28 AM 11-26-96 -0500, you wrote:
>Maybe the brute force of these machines in the near future
>will outweight advantages that might be gained from optimized code,
>but right now Digital's DXML is worth it's price...if we could only
>buy it.
>Bob Williams,,

That's a very clear point you just made Bob. The fact is that up to now
nobody mentioned anything about paying for the libraries. Factually, there
are many people who probably would be glad to do so. Many would rather run
Linux for many reasons, even if cost were not the only issue. As long,
howwever, as the optimized libraries can be only bought from one source many
of these people will buy Penium PRo machines instead, knowing they can buy
compilers with good libraries for a much lower cost, and from more than one
I find it kind of ironic that Digital apparently ported these libraries for
NT at no apparent license cost. Of course that is a platform with a lot more
"clout" than Linux.

Any comment on this idea Jon?


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