Re: using linux instead of osf

Robert Williams (
Tue, 26 Nov 1996 00:28:34 -0500

Jon 'maddog' Hall, USG Senior Leader wrote:
> said:
> > Could we have yet another authoritative statement from someone at
> > DEC?
> Yes, you can have an authoritative statement. No, you can't use the code
> without a Digital UNIX license.

Thankyou sir. Now that that is out of the way, can you tell us
if there is any progress towards licensing runtime components,
math libraries, and DXML to Linux users without requiring
a BASE Digital UNIX license? Is there a chance that DEC will
offer commercial ELF versions of these components? It appears that
there may be no incentive to do so if those products might
undermine DEC's market for UNIX, but we've heard rhumors that
DEC will be lowering it's prices for UNIX soon.

Maybe the brute force of these machines in the near future
will outweight advantages that might be gained from optimized code,
but right now Digital's DXML is worth it's price...if we could only
buy it.

Bob Williams,,

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