Re: sendmail 8.8.X for alpha?

Vik Bajaj (
Sat, 26 Nov 116 00:17:19 -0500 (EST)

| On Fri, 25 Nov 116, Vik Bajaj wrote:
| > Where can I find sendmail sources for the alpha?
| >
| > What patches must be applied against the
| > sendmail?
| Most versions of sendmail build just fine.
| The only patch I ever made was before Red Hat 2.1 BETA for the Alpha
| (about a year ago now), but that was to cover up a bug in the libc at
| the time -- sendmail itself was doing the right thing.

I installed sendmail.8.8.3.tar.gz from, cd src,
and did executed the makesendmail script. It failed with the following

map.c:44: parse error before 'README"
make: *** [map.o] Error 1

Any suggestions on how to resolve this and build sendmail would
be appreciated. I'm having odd memory violation problems with
the default RH40 stuff, and I'd like to upgrade.


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