prune the images?

Jim Nance (
Mon, 25 Nov 1996 22:24:24 -0500 (EST)

> I say no, but you have to be consistent. I, personally, don't like to
> boot SRM->aboot->MILO->LINUX, there seems too many places for things to
> go awry. You can't run a kernel expecting MILO PALcode under SRM PALcode,

> If you have SRM and plan to dual-boot Digital UNIX, I'd say it'd be better
> to simply boot SRM->aboot->LINUX, leaving out MILO, but that requires a
> kernel built to be run using SRM PALcode, rather than the PALcode supplied
> by MILO.

Here is one question that I have always ment to ask and never have. Is
it really necessary to have so many different kernels? One thing really
nice about the Sparc port is that there are only 2 kernels, one for
uniprocessor machines, and one for SMP machines. I think at least the
distribution makers and newbies could really benifet if it were possible
to prune down the number of kernels.

This really is a question, not a critisim. I really don't know what the
difference between the kernels is.


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