Re: Help with udb please.

Eric Smith (
26 Nov 1996 01:11:04 -0000

Paul Wouters <> wrote:
> There is also a out on the net. Use alta vista to find
> it. I haven't looked at it yet, but it should contain a hardware
> reference. (It's also 4 megs large :)

It's 5 megs, but I've put a PDF version of it on my web server:
The PDF version is only 2.3 megabytes.

Now that Adobe has finally released a version of Acrobat Reader for
Linux/Intel, can we persuade them to release one for Linux/Alpha? My
guess is that there is probably one employee in Adobe's Acrobat team
championing Linux, and he or she probably doesn't have an Alpha machine.
Maybe if someone could find out who it is and donate a machine. I'd be
willing to contribute some of the cost of a machine if I was fairly sure
it would lead to a release.


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