Re: Can't get my PC164 to boot
Mon, 25 Nov 1996 18:04:17 -0500

>>> "Dave Golden" said:
> Any ideas? Is it a bad idea to boot this board from the SRM firmware?

I say no, but you have to be consistent. I, personally, don't like to
boot SRM->aboot->MILO->LINUX, there seems too many places for things to
go awry. You can't run a kernel expecting MILO PALcode under SRM PALcode,
for example, which is what the "no floppy controllers found" message
indicates (actually, what causes that message is that interrupts are being
delivered to the kernel in a way the kernel doesn't expect).

If you have SRM and plan to dual-boot Digital UNIX, I'd say it'd be better
to simply boot SRM->aboot->LINUX, leaving out MILO, but that requires a
kernel built to be run using SRM PALcode, rather than the PALcode supplied
by MILO. I could build one for you if you really need one.

If you're *not* booting (or plan to boot) Digital UNIX, why not install the
ARC console (you'll need to get this from your vendor) and then boot


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