Re: Help with udb please.

Paul Wouters (
Mon, 25 Nov 1996 23:57:22 +0100 (MET)

On Mon, 25 Nov 1996, T.D. Brace wrote:

> I just received my udb. I put in 2 16mb parity simms (8 chips on front,4
> on the back). Hooked up everything, and turned it on and ..... nothing.
> No video whatsoever. My monitor (Idek Visionmaster) says no signal.

Consoles mode are a bit tricky. Mine was configured to boot first in
1024x768 briefly, then switch to the ARC NT bootloader which is in
640x480, then into NT at 10x768 again. My monitor was a fixed 1024x768
monitor, so i didn't see much either, though i do get signal. Try
hanging something on the serial port, a PC or terminal. It can be
configured to echo console to the serial port.

There is also a out on the net. Use alta vista to find
it. I haven't looked at it yet, but it should contain a hardware
reference. (It's also 4 megs large :)

Good luck


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