Re: DEC Celebris
Mon, 25 Nov 1996 17:46:23 -0500

>>> Alastair Martin said:
> Jay, are you sure the 266MHz CPU uses AlphaBIOS ? I thought that only the
> 300MHz and 366MHz variants used AlphaBIOS, unfortunately I have not yet
> got my hands on a 266MHz card to confirm the ARC vs AlphaBIOS story...

Ah, you're right, I'm wrong; it's the 300/366/etc (ie EV5/EV56 based boxes)
that have *only* AlphaBIOS. One cannot upgrade from the Intel daughtercard
to the EV5/EV56 daughtercard; the latter require a different motherboard.

The 233/266 versions, with EV4/EV45 CPUs will have *only* ARC console.

There actually *was* an AlphaBIOS for the 233/266, but it never shipped,
so I wasn't totally wrong... :-)


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