Re: DEC Celebris

Alastair Martin (
Mon, 25 Nov 1996 21:23:09 +0000


The answer is YES you can upgrade a Celebris XL to an Alpha, the part
numbers you require are as follows,

54-23262-03 233MHz CPU with 512KB cache
70-31668-01 Crossbar for 233MHz CPU module

54-23773-02 266MHz CPU with 2MB cache
70-31622-04 Crossbar for 266MHz CPU module

Be sure that you have a motherboard with the part number 54-23606-01
etched on it (the -01 may only be stamped on) this should be the case
for newer Celebris XL systems (ones with 54-23534-04 dual Pentium daughter

The crossbar parts may be difficult to find as they are currently all in
the US, this should be less of a problem for you than for myself in Europe.

Be sure to get the 54-23262-03 (ARC) variant, not the -02 or -01 (SRM)
variants, the -03 should list at about $2,500, the -02 part costs twice
as much. I have tried out the 233MHz and it all seems OK, I just have to
wait until the crossbar arrives to be able to stand the system vertically !

Jay, are you sure the 266MHz CPU uses AlphaBIOS ? I thought that only the
300MHz and 366MHz variants used AlphaBIOS, unfortunately I have not yet
got my hands on a 266MHz card to confirm the ARC vs AlphaBIOS story...

Cheers, hope this helps,

Alastair Martin

Annex Technology Europe Ltd
9 Horseshoe Park Voice +44 118 984 1207
Pangbourne Fax +44 118 984 1217
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