Re: MILO on Alpha Station 400 won't work.
Mon, 25 Nov 1996 16:05:59 -0500

>>> "ERIC MILES" said:
> I am on AS500 5/333
> I 'd like to install linux with ALCOR image from gatekeeper
> when trying to boot MILO from SRM
> I got the following sequence:
> reading 717 blocks from DVA0.0.0.1
> bootstrap code read in
> base=136000,image_start=0,image_bj=59a00
> Initialising HWRPB AT 2000
> Initialising page table at 128000
> Initialising Machine State
> Setting affinity to the primary CPU
> Jumping to bootstrap code
> then the systems hangs?

The ALCOR kernels are built to be booted *directly* from SRM console (actually
via "aboot"), I believe, thus will *not* work if booted from MILO.

I don't know where the ALCOR MILO came from, but have no experience with it,
and think it may not be well tested.

Anyone know more about this?

Try using the SRM->aboot->kernel path instead, and see if it works better.


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