Re: using linux instead of osf

Robert Williams (
Mon, 25 Nov 1996 13:54:01 -0500

Robert Williams wrote:
> It appears to me that it is NOT legal to
> run statically linked programs as described
> in this thread.

Here is a good example. Executing a program
(that was compiled and statically linked on
a licensed OSF machine) under Linux/axp,
you can get the following message:

ERROR: This application will not run successfully unless it is used
on the processor(s) on which it is licensed. The licensed processor(s)
is the one(s) on which the product requiring the EXT-MATH-LIB PAK
will execute. A EXT-MATH-LIB PAK must be registered in the License
Database and activated in the kernel cache before this application will
run. Refer to the installation guide for the product requiring the
EXT-MATH-LIB PAK for license database PAK registration instructions.

This program uses the Digital Extended Math Library (BLAS, etc.).
Of course the DXML is a special package, but I can't see
how the license for DXML differs from that for other
statically linked DEC libraries. You can get away with
statically linking and running other libraries:

program junk
print *, 'hello, sin(5.1)=',sin(5.1)

On OSF/alpha:
f77 -o junk junk.f -lcm -non_shared
(move junk to linux/axp system.)
On Linux/alpha:
[bob@alpha]$ ./junk
hello, sin(5.1)= -0.9258147

but is it different from trying to use the DXML?

from Bob Williams,

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