Re: UDB position

Eric Smith (
25 Nov 1996 18:45:09 -0000

Miguel Avillez <> wrote:
> Is there any problem a UDB having a vertical position or should it be
> horizontal?

Did you get the stand with the UDB? If you don't have the stand, you
probably shouldn't stand the machine on end. The machine sucks air in from
the right side of the machine and blows it out the left. The stand holds
the machine with the left side up, so air is sucked in the bottom and blown
out the top. If you just stand the unit on its right side, there will be
insufficient air flow.

> I am doing this question because I always heard about put things sideways
> (in this case is vertically) would damage the HDD. Is this true?

True for some disk drives. Mostly old ones. DEC used drives that are
qualified for operation in both orientations. If you install a different
internal drive, check the drive's OEM manual.


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