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Maurice Hilarius (
Mon, 25 Nov 1996 10:24:11 -0700

At 11:19 AM 11-25-96 +0000, you wrote:
>I have a newbie queation?
>Is there any problem a UDB having a vertical position or should it be
>I am doing this question because I always heard about put things sideways
>(in this case is vertically) would damage the HDD. Is this true?
No. Hard drives are designed to run "flat" or on their side. The only way
you do _NOT_ want to run it is upside-down. That is because their is a
thrust bearing on each end of the disk spindle. It is heavier on the bottom
side, and therefore will not last as long upside-down. Apple computers
learned this the hard way on the Mac "Classic" a few years ago, when a large
number of hard drives failed at about 1 year. They were mounting them
In point of fact one of the biggest issues with the UDB is cooling, and when
it is on its side in the stand it gets slightly better airflow due to
convection. You will note that the air exhaust vent is on the top when the
UDB is on its side.

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