xcdroast works? NO !!!

Zarmfab Software Development (fabsoft@fabsoft2.zarm.uni-bremen.de)
Mon, 25 Nov 1996 11:58:45 +0100

I made some patches to xcdroast and posted some of them
on this list, but it looks like some more are required. Like you,
i have a Yamaha writer, and also like you, i get many
SENSE_ERRORS ( This is the error outputof mycdwrite, s.b. )
and an unusable CD.

i think, the problems are located in mycdwrite, the
cdwriter program used by xcdroast. It is a modified version
of cdwrite-2.0 and grabs VERY much CPU-Time, but obviously
doesn't do his job.

sorry, i'm a bit frustrated having 7 junk CD's now, and at
the moment don't want to hunt the bugs -- it's so expensive.
IMHO, it's a little bit dangerous to use xcdroast anyway, because
it must be run as root.

The original cdwrite2.0 program works with one small patch
and produces good CD's at my AS400 alpha machine.
You can download the patched source as:
btw, this server is an AS400 running linux-axp.

Martin Cornelius, ZARMFAB software development, University of Bremen
phone: 49-421-218-4807    FAX: 49-421-218-3889
email: fabsoft@zarm.uni-bremen.de
paper-mail: Hochschulring / Am Fallturm, 28359 BREMEN, Germany

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