ppc-alpha linux

Carles Perello Garcia (perello@imec.be)
Mon, 25 Nov 1996 11:15:22 +0100 (MET)


I am running Linux with my UDB at home, and Linux with a powerPC mac at
work so..

> > > I heard somebody is developing Linux based on PowerPC based Macs.
> > >How is it now? Does RedHat has any release for Macs? Are we going to
> > >include the Mac file system so that we can mount Mac floppy disks?

Now is at DR2 (Developing Release 2). This guys used Mach to ease the
port, and its quite amazing how fast they developed a 'mature' system (is
something like an 8 months work, how old is Linux-alpha?).

I can mount a *single* HFS system on the power pc. Another mac 'goodie'
is: appletalk is running, so these guys at the office use my linux to
open unix files on their mac's *grin*.

> > I believe I've heard that the Red-Hat distribution of Linux is what the
> > Mac version is based off of. It runs on the Mach microkernel though so
> > they've ported that to the mac, and linux to the Mach microkernel.

I am not sure that is full RH based, although it uses 'rpm' a lot. But
nowadays whos does not?

> Yes, that's correct; they also claim good/reasonable performance.

Yeah! Its quite ok. I was afraid this Mach thing will be slow, but
finally turned out to be quite reasonable. (Remember that MacPOS is
running over a kind of 68K emulator on ppc).

The system needs of course some 'polishing', but for the most part is
running smoothly (X, net, filesystem all is ok). Is an ELF system but
everything is statically linked (?), there are not dynamic lib's.

hth, feel free to ask me if you have any question concerning ppc-alpha



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