Re: Mac compatible floppy

David A Rusling (
Mon, 25 Nov 1996 09:57:29 +0000

> > I heard somebody is developing Linux based on PowerPC based Macs.
> >How is it now? Does RedHat has any release for Macs? Are we going to
> >include the Mac file system so that we can mount Mac floppy disks?

I saw an early version last year at the Free Software Conference in Boston
and also a more robust demo this year in Berlin. I have also seen CDs for
sale. However I don't know if they're Red Hat based or not. Perhaps Red
Hat's site would help (

> More info on Linux for Power Macintosh can be found at:
> I believe I've heard that the Red-Hat distribution of Linux is what the
> Mac version is based off of. It runs on the Mach microkernel though so
> they've ported that to the mac, and linux to the Mach microkernel.

Yes, that's correct; they also claim good/reasonable performance.

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