Re: "Cannot run /bin/insmod" in UDB installation

Mike Epstein (
Mon, 25 Nov 96 00:12:44 -0500 wrote:

>>>> Mike Epstein said:
>> Just got my UDB, and after selecting NCR 53C810/53C820 PCI for my SCSI
>> adapter, it tells me "cannot run /bin/insmod". I'm following the
>> instructions exactly. Any suggestions?
>If the kernel didn't find the NCR810 during bootup, check into whether it is
>found by the ARC console; select the "Display Hardware Configuration" from
>the appropriate menu, and see if it shows the controller and disk(s). If
>not, then the little riser card inside, which has the NCR810 on it may be
>loose. Open up the box and mke sure it's seated properly.

It doesn't seem to be that; milo and the kernel print that they recognize
the SCSI controller. And the RedHat 4.0 installation process halts with a
"cannot run /bin/insmod: file or directory not found" or something to
that effect no matter which SCSI driver I choose.

Thanks for your help though. Any other ideas?


-- Mike Epstein "Don't condescend to unskilled labor. Try it for half a day first." --Brooks Atkinson

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